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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ruby Moon Wool Wash Bar review

I know I am very behind on this, please forgive me as this holiday season is a hectic one.  I contacted Lyndsay, the owner of Ruby Moon, about adding her samples of wool wash bar to my wool orders.  She responded right away and sent me the different sizes and prices.  When the package arrived my mail smelled like heaven!  I immediately took out my sample bar and went searching for woolies in need of a little love.
Here is the description on her website:

"Our wool wash bars are loaded with rich lanolin to get  your wool super leak proof.  Handmade of all natural local goats milk soap, this wool bar is great for  scrubbing out stains, getting your wool super clean and fresh, and keeping your baby dry!  So gentle on your baby and your woolies!  Our Ruby Moon Wool Wash is lightly scented and  has almost double the lanolin compared to other brands- this way your little one and your lap are nice and dry!"

I could tell the difference right away with having the double lanolin!  My little mans pants have gone longer in between washings, which to me is amazing.  I always dreaded getting my little man up in the morning to find it time to lanolize his night pants again.  (for those who haven't experienced this, it is when the sheets aren't dry but the diaper isn't soaked.  And then they smell of pee even after sitting out.)  I haven't had that problem since using her bar, and the sample bar has lasted awhile with me lanolizing every 2-3 weeks! she says her bars sell out fast, so you need to contact her directly to find out if she has any in stock before you order. 

I have 9 bars available to the next 9 wool orders...so hurry before these treasures are gone!