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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I love that Lowes provides cute children planting items.  Yes, I know they aren't cost effective, but when they put them in their own cup with dome lid and only the amount of seeds needed I can't complain.
So while we now have 2  watermelon starters going, we have to redo our strawberries.  In the midst of all of the cleaning, Haley wanted to help wipe the windows with the microfiber towel.  Completely forgetting the strawberry pot was on the window seal, that is until I heard it crash, I let her. Luckily they provide extra seeds and I was able to save most of the dirt they provide.  I think I will keep it in a different place...what do you think?

We have also picked up the corn and lettuce seeds and my new starter set (the jiffy "just add water" soil wafers to go in my greenhouse) Can't wait to have some sweet white corn this summer!

A little something to leave you with-