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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello again

Time has gotten away from me lately.  I don't really want to list a bunch of excuses, it just has.  Gardening time is coming just around the corner and I think this year I am going to keep a log of how everything is going and when we have veggies and fruits ready to pick, so great recipes to try!  Although our favorite thing to do is snack on them straight off the vine :)

I want to start early this year as it got so hot last year the veggies were struggling to stay alive.  We will be planting green beans, peas, and squash like last year, and will be adding strawberries, corn and lettuce to our garden this year.  I have the grand plan of turning out front garden area into a raised bed, and hope to do this soon, as well as picking a spot along the fence for my beans in the back.  I don't think the homeowner association was happy to see our porch covered in green beans and peas. lol.

If you want to try a garden yourself Target has strawberry plant sets in their $1 section (that's where we got ours), and they usually put out more when it gets closer to spring.  *comes with seeds, soil and a little pot to start with.  I also like the Jiffy starter set which comes with 48 pellets and a greenhouse like cover to get those seeds started. 

I want to leave you with a cute picture of my favorite people in the whole world :)