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Friday, August 27, 2010

Here goes nothing

With birthdays approaching fast I realize how quickly time is flying, so I have decided to start writing down our family's journey.  Braylon will be 1 in October, Haley will be 4 in September and we have been in Charlotte now for 5 years!
A little more about me, I thought I would always live in Indiana near my family, but reality set in when Bret started searching for teaching jobs and the choices were Las Vegas, Florida or North Carolina.  After we moved here we found out we were pregnant and had to start preparing to raise our children away from the family circle.  We really cherish the time we get to visit Indiana, or when we get to play host for the family. 
Shortly after Haley turned 3, Braylon decided to make his appearance, keeping both of us girls on our toes.  We made a lot of changes when little B was born and decided to try our hand at cloth diapering and fell in love. 
This love has also lead me to my new adventure as a Work at Home Mom.... White Elephants.  This blog will be a little about our adventures as a family and a little about our adventures of becoming "crunchy"

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