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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bye Bye pumpkins

My children's favorite thing to do after Halloween is to put their pumpkins outside to decay naturally in hopes that the next spring will bring more pumpkins.  Well last Halloween they picked a spot in the back near the porch, which at the time I didn't consider what would happen when we needed to cut the grass that was getting as tall as the plant.  We had a great plan growing for awhile about 10 seeds sprouted, had healthy leaves and flowers with a couple small pumpkins....if only I remembered to put tell my wonderful husband that they were there.  He went out to cut the grass one morning while I had the kids at the YMCA and when I came home all that was left was a few stems :(
Fortunately some of the stems were growing leaves, and to keep another disaster from happening I transplanted them into the front garden beds where my squash had since withered away.  Now we have had 2 months straight of 90+ heat and very little rain, and the pumpkin is still in the same condition I planted it in.  Our hopes of home grown pumpkin by Halloween is looking very slim...now just praying I get a few small ones for pumpkin pie.
If you have any advice on what I can do to help them thrive please tell me!

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