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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flat challenge Day 2

So far it has been a very poopy however uneventful (thankfully) challenge.  I have starting origami folding the diapers as soon as they are dry so they are ready to go onto a very mobile little man.  I am using 2 covers (swaddlebees) and a nighttime wool soaker (made by me) to go over the very trim diapers.
Night time has been my biggest challenge with a very super peer on my hands it is hard to get it to last the whole night.  So last night I folded one of the flats into a square and placed it in the soaker zone inside the flat.  With that and the wool he lasted the whole night, however I am going to add a layer of fleece tonight as he tossed a little last night and I think it was because he is used to fleece touching his skin all night.
Here is a pic of my little man with his flat in on.  He wasn't very cooperative for this picture. :)

Washing day  was today during naptime.  The easiest time of the day to do so, since at night I am working on orders for the store.  Luckily the ick factor of handwashing pooper diapers isn't there so I didn't mind getting my hands in and scrubing the diapers.  I feel it works better than using a plunger to get the diaper clean.  My oldest even helped to hang the diapers and wipes on the IKEA rack.  You can see the gorgeous flats donated to me by Diaper Junction, as well as some IKEA ones I picked up to help me get through my trip at the end of the week.  

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  1. You might like this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqlV6eb2Krk&feature=player_embedded. It gives a great tip on how to get the legs tighter. - Trisha