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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Learning how to handwash

I decided it was time to tackle this part of the challenge. I want to make sure that I am getting them clean during the challenge and to figure out how much time it would take.
I diapered with flats for a whole day and night to see how many diapers I would be washing at a time. I then used a 5 gallon camping bucket ($6 at Lowes), a clean plunger and a tablespoon of Ruby Moon's Diaper detergent.
Here is a picture of my diapers in the rinse cycle...lol.
I took each diaper individually in the rinse water first and then threw them all in for a good soak for 15 minutes.  I then wrung out the diapers and placed them aside to dump out the dirty water (I wanted to get all the dirty water out of the diapers before I started the wash "cycle" 
I used the hottest water from my tub and added a pot of boiling water and the laundry soap.  As you can see I also washed my mama cloth and family wipes.  I "plunged" the diapers for 5 minutes and then I let them soak for another 15 minutes before I dumped out the water and started rinsing them out.    The rinse step was the same as the first rinse cycle. 
My diapers drying beautifully outside in the sun along with the wipes and mama cloth.  This drying rack is available at IKEA for 9.99!
Hope this helps... I can't wait until May 23 for the challenge to begin.

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